Professor Avinash D. Persaud

Senior Investment and Risk Counsellor

Avinash is Arbutus' Senior Investment and Risk Counsellor. His career spans finance, academia and policy advice. He was a top ranked sell-side analyst for 15 years and later a senior executive at J. P. Morgan, State Street and UBS GAM. He is Chair of the Regulatory Sub-Committee of the UN Commission of Experts on International Financial Reform, Chairman of the Second Warwick Commission, Co-Chair of the OECD EmNet and Member of the Pew Charity Trust Task Force to the US Senate Banking Committee. He is also a member of the UK Treasury's Audit and Risk Committee.

In 2000, Avinash won the Jacques de Larosiere Prize from the IIF for his essay on how trends in risk management and regulation lead to systemic risks. Shortly after he was elected as a trustee of the Global Association of Risk Professionals with 90,000 members.

Avinash is also known for his work “liquidity black holes” and investors’ shifting risk appetite. He was formerly a Visiting Scholar at the IMF (2001) and the European Central Bank (2006). He is co-author of the Geneva Report on the Fundamental Principles of Financial Regulation with Brunnermeier, Crockett, Goodhart and Shin (2009).

Avinash is an Emeritus Professor of Gresham College, Senior Fellow at London Business School, Visiting Fellow of Judge Institute, Cambridge and Governor at London School of Economics.